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See You is probably the most comprehensive gliding task planning and analysis program available.   The main program, See You, gives you a task planning capability, detailed IGC flight log analysis which includes an excellent 3D simulation of the flight, and much, much more.   A companion program, See You Mobile runs in a PDA (Compaq Aero, IPAQ or Dell) or a PNA (Compaq 310 etc) to give you an in flight navigation program with terrain maps, airspace, task details and an extremely good dynamic planner for getting the most out of Assigned Area Tasks (AAT).

The full program can be downloaded from the See You Web Site and a 28 day trial is free.   It will run with all features for 28 days, after which you will have to purchase an activation code if you want to continue to use it.   Similarly, See You Mobile can be downloaded from the web site and loaded into your PDA but will frequently display a 'pop up' screen asking for the activation key until you get around to purchasing one.   Activation codes are available from Bicester Aviation, as well as the Web, but buying from Bicester Aviation, will show a saving over the Web price (see Price List below).   There is no restriction on the number of computers that can run the program, providing that they are all owned by the licensee.

The full program contains both topographical and satellite mapping for most areas of the World where gliding takes place and the full package exceeds 1.7 GBs!   This will make the eyes of your dial up modem water and significantly slow down your Broadband!   I suggest you only download the ares of specific interest.

The current 2018 BGA TPs can be downloaded from the following link:

2018 BGA Turn Points

The airspace file for the UK, UK2018cub contains all the current UK airspace.   All parachute areas designated as “prohibited” rather than “danger” following the BGA recommendation.  

UK2018­­ ­­­­Airspace

* BAS See You Price List *

Buying the activation code from Bicester Aviation will show a saving over the web site price:

Price from Web Site £117.76 + VAT @ 20% = £141.31

BAS Price £109.00 No VAT

Price of See You Mobile from Web Site £181.66 + VAT @ 20% = £218.00

BAS Price £205.00 No VAT

£25 discount if both products are purchased at the same time