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The following items are currently offered for sale


Oudie 2 - The new, sunlight readable Oudie 2 is ready to go out of the box with World wide airspace, TPs, cables, mount, chargers, etc




Oudie 2 - Oudie Lite is identical to Oudie 2 except that a licensed version of See You Mobile is not included. The Lite version is intended for pilot's who already have a licensed copy of See You Mobile, or who want to use XC Soar or LK8000




Oudie IGC - The new Oudie IGC is ready to go out of the box and in addition to all the features of the Oudie 2 includes a larger internal lithium battery giving 8/10 hours use without external power, a full IGC approved flight recorder, an ENL feature to record your turbo running time (if applicable), and a standby audio vario.




New replacement NiMH battery for Icom IC-A3E and IC-A22E.  1000 ma/H  -  66% greater capacity than the original NiCad model




Mini Loudspeaker ideal for glider mounting for use with radio or vario audio - 8 ohm.  Size: 70 x 75 x 30mm




12v 9A/H Sealed lead acid Battery.  Weight 2.4 kgs


Supplying and fitting 5A Circuit Breaker and XLR socket to the above battery




Dynamic Boom Microphone with mounting bracket  -  interfaces with all glider radios




Automatic Intelligent Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger





COM to USB Adaptor  -  For laptops that have no COM port to allow a flight recorder to be connected.



Data Lead to connect Oudie to LNAV, C3, C4 or LXNAV       �15.00

Data Lead to connect Oudie to EW Micro  -  �15.00

Lead to programme Flarm in the Colibri/F  -  �13.00

Universal programming lead for Colibri, Swiss Flarm, LX Mini Box, Red Box etc with 12v power lead. Terminates in a RS232 9 pin socket. Needs a COM to USB adaptor if used with a PCC with no physical COM port  -  �15.00

Universal lead as above but with 240v power unit  �19.50

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