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Oudie from Naviter

Oudie now comes in 4 versions; Oudie 2, Oudie 2 Lite, Oudie 3 and Oudie IGC.   All have the same sun readable, 5" diagonal, bright screen

Oudie 2

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and more recently, Personal Navigation Assistants (PNAs), have become popular instruments in glider cockpits to run programmes such as See You Mobile.  Many current models of PDAs and PNAs suffer from shortcomings such as the lack of a serial port, low resolution, screen too small and not bright enough.   In addition, the programming and cabling issues are a glider pilot's nightmare which is not helped by the continual hardware upgrade imposed on glider pilots by the PDA manufacturers.   As a result, Naviter developed the Oudie.   While the original Oudie was an improvement on PDAs, the screen brightness was still difficult to see in bright sunlight.   The Oudie 2 has been developed with a brighter screen that gives excellent visibility, even in direct sunlight

The Oudie 2 is the perfect size for use in a glider and offers a built-in GPS and built-in RS-232 serial port - so it can talk to soaring flight computers and flight recorders. The 5" diagonal screen is a little larger than a PDA, but the overall footprint smaller than the existing "high end" soaring navigation displays. The touch screen display is considerably brighter than existing PDAs and PNAs.   The screen resolution is 480 x 272 pixels which is more than an iPAQ h3900, the same as the Bendix King AV8OR and less than iPAQ 310 or ClearNav.   The Oudie 2 with its built-in GPS will be popular both for pilots looking for a portable system in club and rental gliders, and pilots looking for a semi-portable mounted system wired into a glider's electrical system and connected to a soaring flight computer, either by the included data cable or Bluetooth.

Oudie 2 is a Personal GliderPilot's Device (PGA) which is supplied with SeeYou Mobile installed.  What makes it different from any other device on the market is that upgrades of See You Mobile will be available free of charge for the life of the unit, the ability to perform all of the most important tasks for glider pilots right out of the box, and with all necessary cables supplied.   It features:

  •  See You Mobile installed with free upgrading for the life of the unit
  •  Portrait or Landscape screen orientations                                          
  •  Integrated GPS for stand-alone operation
  •  Serial communication cable supplied complete with data level shifters
  •  12 volt to 5 volt power converter and mains charger supplied
  •  Bluetooth serial communication
  •  Preinstalled worldwide Vector maps
  •  Preinstalled worldwide airspace and turn point files
  •  Can be coupled to your Flarm and will display "Flarm radar" 
  •  Will couple directly to Swiss Flarm and provide power for the Flarm
  •  The capability to provide GPS data to feed a Cambridge LNAV, SNAV or LX  Navigation LXNAV.   In order to enable this feature, the Instructions in BAS Data Sheet No 7 should be followed.
  •  Dedicated cables are available as extra accessories for plug and play connection to LX7007, LX160Si, LX166 and Cambridge 302  


 Flarm "Radar"


Screen Size: 5" diagonal

Screen Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels

Overall Size: 135 x 86 x 14 mm (5.3 x 3.4 x 0.55 inches)

Memory Expansion: microSD card, It accepts either standard or high-density (greater than 2 GB) cards . It also has 4 GB of internal memory (of which 2GB will be used by pre-installed world wide vector maps).

With Oudie 2 there will be no more lost data from flat batteries, re-installations and re-registrations. All the data is kept in flash memory so even if the battery goes dead all you have to do is recharge the battery and everything is there.  No setup, no installation, nothing. Supplied with worldwide vector mapping, world wide current airspace and turnpoints, including the current BGA waypoints, all pre-installed greatly reducing the initial setup.


A fully charged internal battery will power the unit for only an hour or two.  Therefore it will normally be necessary to power it with 12V using the supplied 12V to 5V power converter.

Mounting Options

The unit includes a suction cup mount designed for use in a car. Since it has a mechanism for pulling a strong suction (ideal for use on a glass window in a car) it may or may not be ideal for use on an expensive and flexible glider canopy. I don't recommend using similar devices in gliders because they can "dimple" the canopy when in long term use.   However Oudie 2 is supplied with a flat mounting plate and with minimal surgery this can be bolted to an existing PDA mount

Instruction Manual

Click here to download the Instruction Manual for the Oudie 2

UK Price for Oudie 2 with all Accessories 495.00 inclusive of VAT

(Add 9.00 for secure delivery by Courier)

Exchange old Oudie 1 for a brand new Oudie 2 with a bright screen (Device only) for 245.00 inclusive of VAT


Oudie 2 Lite

The Oudie 2 Lite has all the features and hardware included with Oudie 2, but is supplied with See You Mobile trial version.  If you already have a subscription for See You Mobile, then just enter your activation key and you are ready to go.   Alternatively, you can load your own preferred programme such as XCSoar or its derivatives and WinPilot.   Also installed are Worldwide vector maps as well as airport and airspace databases ready to use with See You Mobile.  Everything is ready to go in trial mode straight out of the box. 

And supplied with all required cables, as with the full-package Oudie 2, so that you have everything you need to ensure operation straight out of the box (Check that with its competitors!).  No need to chase around looking for that cable that you hoped would be included!

And it has the new superbright display and all features are the same as the full-package Oudie 2 (see above) and be aware too that it has lower power consumption and is faster than some other devices

And it comes ready for you to activate See You Mobile should you decide after all to use that well proven program!   Just enter your activation key and go fly !

And priced to sell:

UK Price 295.00 inclusive of VAT

(Add 9.00 for secure delivery by Courier)

Oudie 3

Oudie 3 is very similar to the Oudie IGC except that it is optimised for the para/hang-gliding market.   It has a high capacity internal battery and a variometer function, but not the IGC flight recorder capability.  It is not discussed further here but can be purchased through para gliding equipment retailers

Oudie IGC

Oudie IGC has all the features and hardware included with Oudie 2, but the case is 11mm thicker to accommodate a larger battery and a full function IGC approved flight recorder.  It features:

  • All the functions of Oudie 2 with 5" sunlight readable screen and a non-expiring version of See You Mobile

  • A larger internal battery which gives an endurance with full charge of between 10 to 12 hours

  • An integral fully featured IGC flight recorder with the highest level of IGC approval

  • An ENL (Engine Noise Level) sensor for self sustaining or self launched gliders

  • A back up variometer

  • All this in a case only 11 mm thicker than a standard Oudie 2

  • Weight 350 gms

Click here to download the Instruction Manual for the Oudie IGC

UK Price 795.00 inclusive of VAT

(Add 9.00 for secure delivery by Courier)

All models in stock


Bicester Aviation are the sole authorized UK distributors for Naviter, See You, Oudie 2 and Oudie 2 Lite.   However, as they are not VAT registered, customers who would like a VAT receipt are invited to deal with LXavionics Ltd who will sell at the same price and are able to offer a VAT receipt or shipping outside the EEC VAT free