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Glide Navigator II

Glide Navigator II has been developed from the original Cambridge Pocket Nav software. The author, Chip Garner, has developed and expanded the program to take advantage of the new IPAQ range of PDAs, although other versions of the program are available in the download that will run in earlier versions of the Compaq Aero 1500 series.  The latest program, v3.0 has excellent support for Assigned Area Tasks and a good overview of its contents is available on the Cumulus Soaring website at  

A key benefit of Glide Navigator II is in cockpit visibility.  Many competitive products offer impressive topographical maps, but the use of multiple colours on the screen reduces contrast and therefore visibility.  Glide Navigator II's simple display with waypoints and airspace data provides a black on white high contrast display that is more visible in bright sunlight (our natural environment).   That is very important because existing Pocket PC screen technology is not as bright as you would hope in sunlight.

The latest programs can be downloaded from the Cumulus Soaring website at,   The 2009 UK airspace and BGA turnpoints are zipped into a file here.  Once downloaded and unzipped, the individual files MUST be transferred to the My Device/My Documents directory of your PDA.   I am grateful to Wolfgang Fischer for preparing these files in GNII format

To load the files, open GNII on the PDA and touch the 'Distance' box at the top right of the screen and then 'Next' at the bottom to select the second menu page.  Now select 'SUA,WP Files' and in the lower pane you will see a list of the airspace and TP files.  Touch each one that you want to load in turn and then the 'Add' button to transfer them to the top pane. When all have been transferred, touch 'Done' and away you go.

All functions will work in simulator mode but to work with a GPS input, you will need to buy an activation code which is tied to your name.   An activation code is available from me or you can order from Cumulus Soaring.   If you order direct from Cumulus, please quote me as the agent.  A comprehensive manual can also be found in the Manuals section of this site in .PDF format.  Although it is somewhat dated as many of the later functions have not yet been documented, it will provide a good insight into the capabilities of the program.

Glide Navigator II from Cumulus Website $95.00

(If you buy direct from Cumulus Soaring, grateful if you could mention my name)

Glide Navigator from BAS 65.00 No VAT