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Frequently Asked Questions

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Radios, Transponders and Communication Equipment


GPS Systems, Flight Recorders & Flight Analysis Programs

1.   I have heard that the IGC Approval of some IGC approved flight recorders will be downgraded from 1 October 2012. What impact is this likely to have on using it to validate Badge flights?

2.  Can you explain how UK airspace is entered and updated in Glide Navigator II, See You and See You Mobile?

3.   Why does my IGC approved flight recorder have two serial numbers?

4.   What is the accuracy of GPS altutde?

5.  Why do some Naviter/LX Airspace Files "Crash".


Variometry and Instrumentation

1.  What is the difference between 'Relative Netto' and 'Super Netto'? 

2.  ------I have been encountering Total Energy problems on both the L-Nav vario and the mechanical Winter vario. They manifest themselves in the form of a very jumpy and erratic needle movement -----

3.   I have a 'leak' between the pitot and static connections of my LNAV.   Is this normal?

4.   My LNAV is giving strange and random readings------


Glider Equipment, Installations and Maintenance

1.  What can I do to winterize my turbo engine?